Why Royal & Ross
Our Core Values:

Royal & Ross was founded on four main values. Throughout our history, these values have shaped our hiring decisions as well as the way we approach adding value to our clients and consultants.

Character with Competence: What sets Royal & Ross apart is our demand for people who exhibit strength of character and integrity. We seek out people who not only possess strong technical abilities, but who show true dedication to their work, their clients, and their colleagues.

Trust and Respect: With every assignment, a client trusts us with their business. We know they're counting on us to get the job done, and it's our goal to deliver the people and results they expect. At the end of the day, honoring our promise is the only way to earn real trust and respect.

Commitment to always doing the “right thing”: Commitment to always doing the “right thing” separates the good from the great. No amount of skill can replace it. As a company and as individuals, we excel at doing what is right. Whether it be with our clients, consultants, colleagues, or our community, Royal & Ross’s commitment to always doing the right thing has separated us from the rest of the pack.

Relationships: Strong business relationships are the foundation of customer service. For us, every client interaction is an opportunity to learn more about our clients and what they need. We also believe in knowing our own people, their abilities, and their strengths. Relationships are the key to delivering the extraordinary customer service we've built our reputation on.
Royal & Ross Company Background - 15 Plus Years of Unrelenting Customer Service
In 2003, two entrepreneurs created Royal & Ross, Inc., a company that paired contract employment and consulting with top-notch customer service. Hard work and an unmatched dedication to customers and contract employees earned the company over $2.5 million in its first year of operation.

From 2004-present day Royal & Ross has grown organically, one client at a time. Our value commitment to always doing the “right thing” has been the bedrock of our success. Keeping overhead low, having narrow margins, and carefully controlling expenses, Royal & Ross’ efficient business model means that we can support our clients with Tier One talent at reasonable rates.

Royal & Ross helps clients align IT with business goals. By carefully listening to what our clients are telling us, we are able to craft a tactical staff augmentation solution or a project-based solution depending on the client’s present and long-term goals. As a result of Royal & Ross’ commitment to developing services aligned to customer needs, the company has emerged as a leading provider of applications, infrastructure, and project management staffing and services firm.
Since our founding, Royal & Ross has grown to a global provider of IT staffing and services with office locations in Texas, Colorado, and a virtual presence throughout North America. Our best-in-class staffing and project delivery processes, coupled with the core values that guide our company culture, fuel our success